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PRO-TAS The Professional Model Comes with the accessories listed below and also comes with the professional honing wheel, which sharpens pet grooming, high quality sewing, quilting and embroidery scissors, and low priced barber and beauty shears.  Some of the features of the machines are as follows: 1) Free-floating arm system and sealed bearings provide years maintenance free use. 2) Eye shields, wheel covers, and finger guards for safety. 3) Professional honing wheel which produces shears 2-6 times sharper then when new. 4) Shears-Lock clamp opens wide for thick blades and self-adjusts for blade taper.  5) 1/2 inch wide sharpening wheel, 100 grit friable aluminum oxide grain structure to help prevent burning. ACCESSORIES FURNISHED (1 of each) 1) Safety Glasses 2) Dusk Mask  3) Scissors Lubricant  4) Operator's manual  5) Pink Hone  6) Wheel Dresser stone  7) Sales Poster  8) Eye Shields  9) Hex Wrench  10) Angle Guide  11) Training DVD  Note: This item ships by UPS only. PDF Manual for Twice As Sharp (TAS) Scissors Sharpening System 
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